Monday, 9 September 2019

Where should I put savings for my children?

Savings? Ha! Our own cash might mainly be taken up by mortgages, rent, Asos orders and food shopping, but sometimes you might have a bit that you'd like to snaffle away for the Kids' Future. Maybe grandparents or other relatives want to give money instead of yet more plastic crap toys for a birthday. But where to put it? 

If you go into your local high street bank (if you can find one, that is) the rates are likely to be thinner than a discount supermarket's nappy wipe. For some reason, some institutions think that adding a cartoon pig and a kids' label to a bank account means they can get away with almost-zero interest. So here are the best options around - because children are never too young to know the benefits of having money in the bank to pay for a rainy day! 


Monday, 2 September 2019

How to survive shared parental leave on a budget

National levels of blokes taking up shared parental leave appear to remain low since it arrived in April 2015. But, anecdotally, more and more friends in London are grabbing the opportunity to take off an extended time with their child(ren). Here, Alex Lawson, a journalist colleague of Show Me the Mummy's Lucy, tells us about his three months of paternity leave with his son Finn (three) and daughter Lina (who was nine months when he took over the home front) - with his tips on how dads can spend time with their kids without over-spending cash because, as Alex puts it, "in statutory terms, you are only entitled to what your partner would be earning (I took the last three months of my wife’s leave, so was unpaid), so it’s wise to keep an eye on the pennies. Plus my family are from Sheffield so the Yorkshireman in me came out..." Over to Alex with his fantastic tips for parental leave fellas (and mums) keen to do it on a budget:

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